Guto Kawakami

I'm a product designer inspired by culture of my people.
A people without culture is a people without identity.

I have 10 years of experience working with UX for digital products. Currently, I'm working closely with product managers, designers and engineers to build solutions at Instituto Eldorado. My core responsibilities include: product discovery, user research, prototyping, usability testing, facilitating workshops, and presentations for stakeholders.

In the past I was professor and the education became my great passion. When I'm available I share knowledge through design digital courses, I believe that knowledge only has value when it is shared 💙

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Outside of work

Let's talk more about me...

I make songs

In my free time I love to make songs. Although be just a hobby, I have made songs for Parintins Folkloric Festival for 17 years.

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A little bit more

🐴 I challenge you a chess game
🏐 I play volleyball on weekends
🎥 Cinema lover
🐉 Dragon Ball fan  
✈️ Trips
🎮 Dota 2
🦸🏻 Marvel  
🪕 I play charango  
🚫 I don't wear red clothes